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For as long as I've had a steady job, I've been somehow tethered to the healthcare industry, working in hospitals, such as Toronto Rehab, promoting advanced health research, launching new therapies in the Middle East and Asia, media training neurologists and pharma CEOs, working with global NGOs, creating consumer health campaigns for everything from vitamins to pain medicine, and managing a healthcare crisis or two along the way.

It's not that I ever really planned to be known as a 'healthcare marketer' but because of my experience, I was always the best placed to grow the healthcare business or support this or that client. Don't get me wrong, I love health marketing and think I'm pretty good at it. But it's only one of the many areas that I enjoy and excel at.

Thankfully, with the continued advancement of healthcare technologies, or HealthTech, I can now wholeheartedly say that I'm excited about the future of medicine and the ways that data, technology, patient literacy and expectations are intersecting. To demonstrate this new realm of possibilities, check out the below infographic from The Medical Futurist.

Wow right? Now you might be thinking that these examples of HealthTech are only available in the US or Europe. But according to the latest report released by Galen Growth Asia, Asia's HealthTech ecosystem for the first half of the year is at US$2.5B invested, building on the back of a record breaking 2018. The US in the same period had US$4.2B in deals, but considering the continuing momentum for Asia Pacific HealthTech companies, that region is already proving to be one of the world's most advanced when it comes to disrupting the traditional models of healthcare.

Be sure to download Galen Growth Asia's report.

It's an exciting time to be in health and for marketing in healthcare. For traditional healthcare companies looking to redefine themselves or for HealthTech startups looking to build their brand and business, the BriteBirch Collective has a global network of healthcare marketing consultants, creatives, content developers and communications professionals that can support any project at a much more affordable rate than traditional agencies. Ask us how!

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