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The BriteBirch Collective Expands! Welcome to our newest members

Updated: May 6, 2020

Freelancers don't have to work alone! Say hi to the newest members of the BriteBirch Collective from around the world.

Reach out if you're interested to learn more about how we can curate an integrated team for your marketing or consulting needs!

Maha Abu Ghoush

Location: Saudi Arabia and Canada

Expertise: Digital Transformation and Change Management


Maha is a business and digital transformation expert—driving process, organizational change and performance improvements in service-based, agile/lean and customer-centric environments, linking integrated and enterprise-wide workstreams for business transformation.

She's led successful business process improvements and organizational change management models, frameworks and toolkits across a wide range of businesses and industries including IT, telecom, financial services/FinTech, retail, transportation, media, distribution industries, and the public sector.

Xenia Batllori

Location: Singapore

Expertise: PR, content, media


Xenia is a talented PR, Media, communications and Event Management professional with experience in North America, Europe and Latin America.

She has over 10 years of experience in the TV & Film industry combined with 19 years in the fashion industry and specializing in intercultural and international communications with special focus on social media, network building and relationship management.

Matt Bethell

Location: United Kingdom

Expertise: Digital advertising, content marketing


Matt is an experienced marketing professional with a 15+ year track record in marketing and digital advertising. His main areas of expertise are in Marketing Strategy, Advertising Planning, Media Planning, Content Marketing, Social Media Management and Data Analytics.

Matt is a big believer in the power of excellent creative and the competitive advantage this can deliver to companies who properly embrace it.

Liane Craig

Location: Canada

Expertise: Organizational Change Management, Communications


Liane is an accomplished, motivated, certified change management, leadership, communications specialist, with a proven track record of developing and implementing strategies that build on and foster consensus while achieving increased buy-in and profile.

A team player, Liane provides strategic and practical counsel to executive and senior members in keeping with the vision, mission and direction of the organization.

Ross Dawson

Location: Australia

Expertise: Futurist, Key Note Speaker, Strategy Advisor



Ross works primarily as a futurist, business consultant and speaker. He often supports marketing initiatives by creating or collaborating on future or innovation-related thought leadership content such as reports, video, podcasts, visual content, acting as a media spokesperson

As an in-demand keynote speaker, he often speaks at client or media events - moderating executive roundtables or panels on future or innovation-related topics. He is also considered an influencer in B2B tech, having appeared on the world’s most influential lists for topics including fintech, crowdfunding and Enterprise 2.0.

The BriteBirch Collective is a global network of creative consultants that together operate like an integrated agency. If you are in need of guidance on your company's brand or business in these trying times, contact us for a free consultation today.

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