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Meet our newest members!

Welcome to the latest batch of BriteBirch Collective members from all over the world!

Want direct access to a global network of senior consultants like these without the hassle or costs of dealing with a big agency? Reach out with your brand or business challenge and we'll curate the perfect team for you.

Ronald Wohlman, Creative Director. Writer. Creative Strategist. Storyteller. Good Human.

Based in NYC, Ronald lends 25 years of experience to the Collective, most of which were spent directing award-winning creative campaigns focused on building purposeful brands such as Unilever’s Omo - Dirt is Good and Dove - Real Beauty campaigns.

Ronald is also Chief Engagement Officer for Lalela, which provides educational arts for at-risk youth in his native South Africa, to spark creative thinking and awaken the entrepreneurial spirit.

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/in/ronald-wohlman-33b107b

Services at a glance:

  • Creative Services

  • Brand Consulting

  • Writing

Welcome to the BriteBirch Collective Ronald!

Jihee Won, Korean-English Interpreter and MC

Multi-skilled interpreter and translator with four years' progressive experience translating and interpreting between English and Korean in diverse industries.

Jihee is currently based in Seoul, Korea and ready to be involved in exciting projects that can challenge her and put her skills to use.

Website: www.jiheewon.wixsite.com

LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/in/jihee-won

Services at a glance (English and Korean):

  • Writing

  • Research and Analytics

  • Interpretation and Translation Services

Thanks for being part of the Collective Jihee!

Gar Liu, Experienced Front-End Developer and Creator of prequilt.com

Gar with his wife and co-founder of PreQuilt.

Based in Toronto, Gar works with many of the top ad agencies in Toronto as a creative developer. He also loves side projects and is the developer behind PreQuilt, a modern design tool for modern quilters around the world.

His skills range from UI and UX to digital design and development, app development, web banners and pretty much everything you engage with on a screen.

LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/garliu

Website: www.lonelydatum.com

Services at a glance:

  • Digital Design

  • UX/UI

  • Graphic Design

  • Animation

Thanks for joining the Collective Gar. We're excited to get quilting!

Mitesh Shah, Independent Marketing Communications Specialist

Based in Mumbai, Mitesh is an independent marketing communications specialist with over twelve years’ experience in the field of public relations with a focus on strategic planning and messaging, content creation as well as media training and orientation. He's managed marketing communications mandates for clients across a range of domains including technology, engineering, start-ups, healthcare, and CSR.

Mitesh has written content across a variety of formats such as opinion and trend articles, blogs, Q&As, profiles, press releases, websites, and newsletters among others. His strength lies in understanding the varied and complex nuances of Indian culture to craft compelling narratives for global companies and brands.

LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/shahmiteshv

Services at a glance:

  • B2B Marketing

  • Public Relations

  • Content Marketing

  • Training and Coaching

  • Writing

Welcome to the Collective, Mitesh!

Matthias Straub, Senior Business Consultant

Based in Germany, Matthias is a C-Level executive, interim manager, consultant, marketing-mix provider, product and project management professional and brand enthusiast who is now lending his services to the BriteBirch Collective.

With over 15 years of experience leading companies in Europe and Asia, Matthias specializes in helping CEOs and COOs make sound business decisions that spur growth and transform their organizations for the future.

LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/matthias-t-straub-50394323/

Services at a glance:

  • Business Strategy

  • Project Management

  • Executive Training and Coaching

  • Strategy and Planning

  • Market Shaping

The Collective is excited to have you Matthias!

John Dyer, J5dyer productions

A man of many talents, John has recently relocated to Toronto where he continues to lend his voice for global digital, radio and TV content. But in addition to being a voice artist, John also has extensive marketing and communications experience working for global brands both in-house and in global agencies.

With 10 years experience working in the Middle East and North America, John's expertise lies in product and digital marketing, project management and brand strategy, with particular experience in the consumer technology space.

Website: www.j5dyer.com

LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/j5dyer

Services at a glance:

  • Digital/Social Media Marketing

  • Public Relations

  • Project Management

  • Content Marketing

  • Training and Coaching

  • Writing/Technical Writing

  • Strategy and Planning

Welcome to the Collective John!

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