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Meet our New Band of Creative Consultants

Our newest members of the BriteBirch Collective come from around the world, have diverse, specialist backgrounds and are ready to get to work for you.

Reach out if you're interested to learn more about how we can curate an integrated team to help your brand or business stand out!

Stephanie Lawson

Location: Shanghai, China

Expertise: Sustainability, Fashion


Stephanie is a China-based sustainability specialist offering consultation in business communications and fashion design centred around sustainability. She is also founder/designer of Zodiac Active a minimalist concept denim brand for urbanites. Stephanie bridges marketing and product support, helping companies create new marketing and sustainable business concepts in the fast-changing China market.

Suzan Dargham

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Expertise: Strategy, Integrated Marketing, Client leadership


A self-motivator with 20 years experience, Suzan is a multitasker with a 'never-give-up' spirit. She is a big believer in the strength of diverse teams. For her, diversity in thinking and action widens the opportunities for brands and gives leaders the confidence to achieve any mission.

Fatz Munoz

Location: Manila, Philippines

Expertise: Social media strategy, content and social management


Fatz has 10 years of experience working with clients across the globe in identifying digital and social opportunities that drive relevant engagement and thought leadership.

Stacy Schlicht

Location: Austria

Expertise: Digital Strategy, Campaign Development, Account Leader


Stacy Schlicht is a marketer with 12+ years of experience developing high-profile, award-winning campaigns. She has led digital marketing efforts for Fortune 500 companies, renowned brands and high-level government projects. A strong leader and manager, she has built cross-functional teams and has a proven track record of delivering strategic, results-oriented marketing programs.

Michael Dortch

Location: Santa Rosa, USA

Expertise: Technology, Content Strategy, Integrated Marketing


Michael is a growth-focused content strategist, developer, and creator. For 40 years, he has been translating things technologists say and do into information non-technologists can understand and engage with. He helps technology builders, buyers, and users tell more engaging, persuasive, and inviting stories.

The BriteBirch Collective is a global network of creative consultants that operates as an integrated agency. If you are looking for a specialist, cost-effective solution for your brand or business, contact us for a free consultation today.

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