• Jamie Read

Giving thanks!

It's been a hard year so far. For many of our BriteBirch Collective members around the world, finding new business opportunities while supporting family members has been a struggle. But at least we have each other and the support of great clients, great advisors, great volunteers and families who have all stepped up to help.

As a Canadian, this weekend is the time to gain some perspective and give thanks. so here are the things I am thankful for:

Our clients: Let's face it, without them, the BriteBirch Collective would just be a social club. But despite the challenges in the market and a new and evolving business model, more and more trailblazing founders, business leaders, marketers and communicators are trusting us to support their brand and business success. Thank you!

Our Collective: Our traditional understanding of work is evolving towards a fragmented system where the best talent in the world can be leveraged from anywhere. The BriteBirch Collective is made up of over 100 such experts from diverse backgrounds. Each of them is ready to come together in unique teams to support our clients. But what is truly amazing, is how we also come together for each other. Thank you!

Our Advisors and Supporters: We are a new model but many of our challenges are not. From operations to finance, marketing to emotional support, we are so lucky to have the ear of important, wise and hardworking friends of BriteBirch Collective who are steering us towards success. A special callout to Sonia, John, Jas, Ian, Jon, Sonya, Ronald, Nicole and Rory. Thank you!

Our Families: Working for yourself is all at once liberating, frustrating, inspiring and exhausting. All of us in the BriteBirch Collective are freelancers, solopreneurs or running our own boutique consultancies and agencies. When we are stressed, when we are angry, when we are mentally drained it is our families who absorb the bad energy and reflect it back as optimism, fulfilment, love and support. During these strange, challenging times, more than anything, thank you!

Who or what are you thankful for? Please share and remember that as challenging as things seem, there is always another perspective.

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