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Diverse, Creative, Smart, Experienced: Welcome to our newest members

Our diversity is our strength! Say hi to the newest members of the BriteBirch Collective from around the world.

Reach out if you're an experienced freelancer looking to collaborate on more complex projects or if you have a brand or business challenge that requires a curated team of experts.

Cristine Fader

Location: Canada

Expertise: Management Consulting, Organizational Change Management


Christing offers management consulting services assisting corporations in achieving optimum organizational effectiveness through the application of a well-recognized change management methodology and lean thinking principles.

Specializing in incremental and organizational change management strategy and implementation, Cristine identifies training needs and develops detailed training plans for impacted stakeholders, interim transformational leadership and coaching as part of the change management strategy.

Laura Fitch

Location: Canada

Expertise: Communications, Marketing Strategy


Laura constructs innovative media plans, PR campaigns, content strategies and brand awareness initiatives that shape company narratives into sellable stories that result in editorial coverage and increased brand recognition.

She's a creative problem-solver and out-of-the-box thinker that loves working with teams and building relationships to enact exciting brand activations that get noticed. Her storytelling skills are built on two decades of international media experience, a knack for creating compelling narratives and cutting-edge strategies in addition to project management to help bring those narratives and strategies to life.

Saad Gharzeddine

Location: United Arab Emirates

Expertise: Advertising, Creative



Saad is Founder of Spine Marketing, a boutique creative and marketing shop based in Dubai that creates memorable and engaging campaigns that get results.

After working in senior roles at award-winning multinational marketing and communications agencies on global brands for over 16 years, Saad now helps clients build for a brighter future, whilst ensuring the progress is immediate, measurable and impactful.

Priscilla Goh

Location: Singapore

Expertise: Marketing and Communications strategy and execution


Priscilla is a marketing and communications professional with over 20 years of experience working in Asia Pacific and international roles for multinational as well as smaller companies. Having worked in industries including technology, hospitality, telecommunications and maritime, her strategic and creative directions can be adapted for both B2B and B2C audiences. She's had success in developing and executing marketing plans that result in driving demand, generating leads, as well as increasing revenue, brand awareness and customer engagement.

Kelly Harvarde

Location: United Arab Emirates

Expertise: Public Relations, Corporate Reputation


With over two decades of experience in PR and 12 years in the Middle East, Kelly is a senior and accomplished strategic communications expert who relishes a challenge. Kelly has broad sector experience, including FMCG, finance, retail, sports, telecoms, property, construction, health, interiors, fashion and luxury brands across the UAE and UK. She also owns chickens.

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