• Jamie Read

BriteBirch is 1 year old

Time flies, as they say. Considering it's only been one year since we began a little experiment to disrupt the advertising/marketing agency model, I am extremely proud of what we've achieved and excited for where we will go from here.

A year ago, as failing advertising holding companies continued to shed experienced senior talent who would then strike out on their own, we had an idea that snowballed into a platform: what if we could curate a global team of independent creative consultants and give them back all the benefits of working in a networked agency, without the restrictions or the politics? And what if we could then provide award-winning quality work for clients, at a fraction of the cost?

Now, a year later, without any investment or employees, we have demonstrated that our model works. With over 50 consultants from over 10 major markets, a growing list of happy clients and an impressive body of work, we are nearing a half-million dollars in billings.

What excites us is that we did this organically. And now we are putting plans in motion to formalize processes, streamline work, provide specialized services, create greater member benefits, and scale. All while building a trusted brand we can all share, which represents quality for clients who are weary of the sea of freelancers and crowd-sourced solutions.

Thank you to our members who continue to be enthusiastic about the possibilities of doing bigger, more meaningful work as a collective. Together, we see the forest for the trees.

Thank you to our clients, who trusted us to deliver and who continue to enjoy great work without exorbitant agency fees.

Now onto year two. The future is Brite!

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