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Brite 5 - Thoughts for the Future

As a global collective of creative consultants, we wanted to share some insights and ideas from around the world about what we expect and hope to see in 2020 across a range of industries.

Here are some of our members' collective thoughts:

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Brendan Cravitz, award-winning film producer, based in Tokyo

BriteBirch Collective video production

In 2020, as their business model struggles, large agency networks will continue to in-house as much production as possible, grasping on to any revenue they can. This will open more opportunities for directors and independent agency/production shops to go direct to clients. The agency network production offerings will work directly through procurement departments to offer cost savings that in the long run either impact the quality of the creative and likely cost more in the end. Whereas creative producers, freelance creatives/directors and independent production agencies can offer very creative, nimble and cost-effective solutions without having to cover the overhead costs while focusing on delivering what a client truly needs. 2020 will be the year of major transition and disruption in production, where large and small clients will again understand the value in creative partnerships vs cost-saving vendor relationships. Learn more about our global production capabilities.

Matthias Straub, Senior Business Consultant, based in Germany

BriteBirch Collective Healthcare

The trend for 2020 in the healthcare sector will be the continued popularity of digital healthcare solutions and their adoption by consumers. Whether to help control diabetes or prevent stroke, monitor vital signs or aid digestion, consult your doctor from anywhere or deliver drugs to your home, more and more devices and appliances that were traditionally promoted B2B are now bypassing traditional medical channels and going straight to consumers. The intention to promote healthtech direct to consumers is slowed by regulations, however more forward-thinking doctors are embracing the opportunity to speed up delivery, improve access and make healthcare more affordable, without compromising safety. It's the regulatory bodies that will need to catch up or risk becoming irrelevant. Learn more about our global healthcare specialists.

Dennis Wang, Co-founder of Crow&Pitcher, based in Toronto

BriteBirch Collective UX

In 2020, with regards to User Experience (UX), whether in-app, UI, websites, infographics, or brochures, UX writers will be increasingly crucial for businesses that are serious about building a consistent brand experience for consumers in 2020. UX Writers make complex ideas clear and accessible to their audience. With the adoption of mobile web, virtual assistants, chatbots, and voice services like Alexa and Google - future-forward brands must have effective, clear, and concise copy. But this goes further than just design and copy. Starting in 2020, we'll start seeing companies value UX writing and thinking in other areas, such as research and business strategy, product development and for interpreting usage data. Reach out if you would like to engage our UX specialists.

Jamie Read, Founder of the BriteBirch Collective, based between Singapore and Canada

BriteBirch Collective

In 2020 we will continue to see a shift in the way people work, as companies gain more confidence in tapping the gig economy. The flexibility provided to freelancers and direct access to top specialists provided to clients will be bridged by new agency models such as the BriteBirch Collective, where quality creative consultancy is delivered without complicated processes and exorbitant agency fees from teams comprised of the best and most relevant skillsets from around the world (not just who happens to be in your local agency's office.) If you're interested in becoming a member of the BriteBirch Collective or activating a bespoke team to solve your business challenge, reach out to us.

Vasanth Seshadri Founder and Creative Director at The Sunny Side, based in Singapore


Coworking spaces will continue to proliferate in 2020. In many parts of the world, local players will make use of the uncertainty surrounding WeWork and expand their own coworking spaces. I see that happening in Singapore with JustCo, a local player who's now drawing entrepreneurs away from WeWork. This will happen in more parts of the world. Coworking as a model will continue to be a success even if individual companies fail. This will be tied to the overall trend towards the gig economy and the need to reduce unnecessary overheads that don't contribute to quality but add to cost. Engage with the BriteBirch Collective's army of creatives from around the world to help solve your brand challenges.

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